The NFT market is way out of balance, unhealthy


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Last updated on Jan 18, 2022

Posted on Jan 18, 2022

Yesterday's story about Twitter influencer beanie hasn't been confirmed. But if it's true and my bet would be it is, everyone should be alarmed.

What this story does is point how unhealthy and way out of balance the NFT and ostensibly crypto market is. It alleges criminal activity. It points to how heavy influencers thumbs are on the scale, the way they manipulate and control the NFT market.

I've had first hand experience with influencers. I've been banned from their Discords for nothing more than asking questions. I've been told by World of Women to be quiet or be banned.

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Then Sunday I got blocked by Twitter influencer OhhShiny.

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But there's the thing. I'm not just blocked from reading OhhShiny's tweets. I'm blocked from reading anything from anyone connected to him.

For example. This morning OhhShiny had Timpers on, founder of The Boring Ape Chronicles. I'm one of Timpers' customers. But I couldn't listen to Timpers, because I'm blocked from anything OhhShiny. So OhhShiny hasn't just blocked me. He's blocked my customer access to Timpers. What, a fuckwad. See the control these influencers have?

Here's a 4 minute video I did after posting this that explains the net of OhhShiny's actions:

Influencers are the antithesis of decentralization and Satoshi's vision. If we let this go on or support them in any way they'll ruin crypto.

I'll be talking more about this soon, on my Jitsi server - that can't be blocked. It's beyond words how infuriating this is to me that I have to put up my own server to be heard. But that's where we are right now in NFTs. However there is a silver lining. Stay tuned.

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