Where are the artists promoting peace in Ukraine?


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Last updated on Jan 30, 2023

Posted on Jan 30, 2023

Today I noticed that Shepard Fairey has a piece out supporting Ukraine.

Before I go on, I'm generally a fan of Shepard's. I have a couple of his NFTs. I don't own any of his art, but I do own Ron English's art. Ron and Shepard are tight.

Instead of images such as this one, which is incendiary and combative, I wish artists would be making art that promotes peace. I wish, everyone would focus on peace. I get it, Putin is bad guy. But there's bad guys everywhere. And war doesn't create peace. War just creates more war.

I also wish people would look at the other side of this. Which is, that the MIC (military industrial complex) is making bank from the conflict. Literally, billions of dollars daily.

Anyway. Here's what I think is a great podcast covering the other side of this conflict.

The Institutional Insanity (of) “Defense”
Listen now (84 min) | Ralph welcomes back retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson to talk about American military policy, including the record $816.7 billion Pentagon budget, the war in Ukraine, the insanity of nuclear weapons, potential conflict with China and what the right-wing caucus in the House of…

Please don't buy art with a message of more war. Instead, please encourage our politicians to focus on diplomacy in Ukraine. On Peace. Not, sending more tanks or money.

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