17 years clean and sober


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Apr 17, 2024

Posted on Apr 16, 2024

Beginning about 15, I used booze and drugs to create a happy childhood.

I met Renee in a bar in '96. That night we got a bottle of tequila and a hotel room. Man, could she party. Drink you under the table.

Renee was my best drinking buddy.

Renee got clean on 7.4.05. I was pissed. Lost my best drinking buddy. She used to leave my half empties - and The Big Book - on my desk.

I tried stopping. But Frankenstein got off the table, had me by the neck.

I could stand fing up my life, but not hers. On 4.16.07 I stopped using and drinking. Day 1.

Today I got 17 years clean and sober. Renee's been clean and sober since 7.4.05.

Oh. We still party. We get after it! But now we eat greens, don't smoke them. Drink water, not booze.

Now Renee is my bestie.

tty next time,

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