NFTs are dead? Nah.


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Apr 17, 2024

Posted on Apr 17, 2024


Would NFTs be “dead” if everyone made bank? No, of course not. Peeps would be signing their praises.

But most didn’t make bank and now they’re salty — “NFTs are dead, they were a scam”.

So for them, it was never about the art or the tech.

It was about the money. Fair enough. But that’s not how big movements happen.

No one bought a Walkman or iPod because they were going to get rich. They bought portable music players so they could take their music with them.

NFT tech was then and is now about authentication, and provenance.

Yes, the first use case was collectibles. No different than the first use case for the Internet was pay per-call.

10 years from now Blockchain and NFT technology will be everywhere.


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