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Last updated on Aug 13, 2023

Posted on Aug 13, 2023


I'm always wondering about America.

Today my hope, is that all the turmoil we're in is just part of the struggle and what makes our country great.

But I'm also concerned and somewhat afraid - and I know the latter is not healthy. Good thing I've got Renee to talk to about it all.

Been listening to more 60's music lately. Right now Simon & Garfunkel is on repeat.

And connecting with new friends like Jay Blakesberg and Linda Kelly. I just bought the feature photo for this post from Jay. More on Jay - the story behind the photo - and Linda soon.

TL;DR - 1980 was Ronald Reagan's first presidential campaign. Jay believed (still does, as do I) that Ronnie and his wife Nancy (all Republicans) were evil and their war on drugs amounted to nothing more than a war on Americans. That "nobody" would have been a better President that Ronnie. Jay happened upon the 1980 photo and got the picture of the moment.

Playing the music to connect me to the 60's and early 70's, another time when our country was in turmoil and divided - civil rights, the Vietnam war, hippies and the establishment, equal rights. Thinking about all the people and artists who stood up and were counted. Try to get to a place in my head where I can tell myself, "We've been here before, it's gonna be cool". And then I talk myself out of it.

Writing about it helps. It's way better than Tweeting, which I haven't done in over 2 weeks now. Twitter really got to me. Now I know what it feels like to be hooked on Oxy.

Speaking of, Renee and I are digging the new Netflix miniseries Painkiller.

It'll be a great day in this country when the Sackler's are in jail for their mass murder of at least 300k Americans.

The struggle is real.

tty the next time,

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