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Last updated on Aug 14, 2023

Posted on Aug 14, 2023

Renee and I want to live a long and healthy life, stay out of the medical system. We care about the planet.

We get it. We're gonna die. We just don't want it to be our fault. The best thing we (anyone) can do for ours and planet's health is to eat whole food plant based. Don't eat anything processed, that has a face or a mother.

I'm 64. Renee is 61. Neither of us are on any medications. We both move our bodies daily. We've been whole food plant based since 5.1.15

Here's what we eat for breakfast most days.

Mine - big ass bunch of power greens, balsamic  vinegar, walnuts, clemintines, apple. Wash it down with a shot of B-12 and 32 oz's of water.

I wait about a half hour, then I eat a bowl of vegetables heavy on cauliflower and broccoli. Mix in Renee's cheese sauce (potato, carrots, tomato, onions, garlic, tumeric, nutrional yeast, cashews, pinch of salt, 1 can of tomato and green chili), black cumin, and 505 green chili. Delish~

Renee - big ass bunch of power greens, boiled potato, peppers and onions sautéed in water (sauté with water, not oil. don't eat anything with oil!), Renee's cheese sauce, 505 green chile. Heat in the microwave for 3 mins, add tomato. Delish!

You might wonder. How the @#$% do they eat so much food and stay so skinny? The food we eat is packed with nutrients, not calories. Plus when you eat whole food plant based, don't eat anything with a face or a mother, and you don't eat oil, the food keeps you at your natural weight. Eat more to weigh less.

The medical system tells you that as you get older gaining weight is natural - because your metabolism slows down. It's all a lie. There's no money in healthy people. The medical system doesn't give you credit for having the desire to live a long and healthy life. They don't want you to. So they give you pills instead of telling you what your real problem is - the food you eat or aren't eating.

"They're doctors. They're not lying to me"!. Look no further than the opioid crisis as proof. The Sackler's got away with the mass murder of at least 300,000 Americans. Countless more families and friends were affected. Our medical system and government was in on the crime. So if they lied to you about this, what makes you think they're telling you the truth about anything else?

The reason why you gain weight later in life is because of the food you eat - or don't eat - and because you're not moving your body regularly. The reason why people are sick and fat is because of the food they're eating – or not eating – and because they don't exercise regularly. And all the lies from the medical system – there's no money in healthy people. That's all there is too it.

And BTW. No one is perfect. This past weekend I had a couple brownies, a slice of cheese pizza at the Eagle Block Party. When we went to Mexico for the Dead & CO gig we both gained a couple pounds - the cake was good. But as soon as we got home and got back to our food, the weight flew off.

We exercise at least 5 days a week. We're not super athletes, or gifted. What we do have, is desire.

Anyone can do this, you're never too old. You just gotta take the first step. If you need help lmk.

tty next time,

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