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Last updated on Jun 14, 2023

Posted on Jun 14, 2023


The thumb image I used for this post is Ron English's Beau Lief character, from his book Delusionville.

Today on Twitter I see this tweet to join a space about "art for hunger":

A bunch of tweeters joined, even some of note. Like this one:

Anytime I see something like this I'm suspicious. So I did a little digging. The space was led by this group:

They're connected at the hip to this group, Compassion International:

Compassion International's HQ are in Colorado Springs, CO. Colorado Springs is ground zero for far-right Evangelicals and the Evangelical, Christian Nationalist movement. Evangelical Christian Nationalists believe in the 7 Mountains Mandate, the mission is to establish religious control over all aspects of society.

Compassion International goes into poor countries with the sole mission of converting muslim kids, and kids who're otherwise secular to Evangelical Christianity. There's plenty of evidence to suggest their real mission is religious conversion.

It's not accurate to suggest that all Evangelicals are Christian Nationalists. Nor is it accurate to suggest that just because Compassion International is headquartered in Colorado Springs, they're part of the Evangelical Christian Nationalist movement. But it is accurate to say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

IMO art for hunger was a canvas for religious conversion. I'm all for freedom of religion. But I'm also for freedom from religion. IMO Compassion International uses taxpayers money and politics to force feed its message down the throats of innocent children worldwide. Feeding hungry kids is a good thing. Just leave religion off the table.  

Maybe those attending the Twitter space don't care? Or maybe they're into religious conversion? It's certainly their right, which I'll defend.  

Or maybe they just don't bother to look any further than the tweet? They're not taking the time to research what they're retweeting or paying attention to. I think it's the latter. That bothers me.

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