Change happens at the level of system


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jan 1, 2022

Posted on Jan 1, 2022

What first drew me to crypto was what Satoshi wrote in the now seminal Bitcoin White Paper - Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

I saw that crypto could change the system. I saw the possibility to create real change for those with the least. Because if we’re going to help those with the least, we need to change the system.  Change happens at the level of system.

When SOS came along I saw something that could help change the system. So I contacted Ani Mkhitaryan, the woman who designed this piece, asked her if I could commission an SOS piece.

The goal wasn’t to create a piece that I could resell for ETH. The entire goal, was to put this piece out there in hopes that others who’re in a position like mine would pay it forward, commission someone they know to make an SOS piece.

Ralph Nader said, “Take a sweeping look at history and you will discover that almost all movements that mattered started with just one or two people—from the fight to abolish slavery, to the creations of the environmental, trade union, consumer protection and civil rights movements. One voice becomes two, and then ten, and then thousands”.

I hope this piece inspires you in some way that it has me.

And if you love crypto, or the message of SOS, I hope you’ll share this piece.

With gratitude,

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