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Last updated on Jan 4, 2022

Posted on Jan 4, 2022

When I started in dotcom circa '89 I saw today. Well, not everything. What I saw was that anyone could be an information provider - a service bureau, what I started, or someone could have a phone number people called to find out what's on the menu at a restaurant. I knew getting information via a touchtone phone was just the beginning of something that would change the world.

I figured if I just got in and could somehow manage to not go broke, it was gonna be good. Things would just work out. And, there was this little problem that I was unemployable. Call (pun intended) it serendipity.

Watch this great clip I saw today:

I have the same feeling about crypto.

When I got into crypto Feb 22 020 the light came on with NFTs. Then, I saw NFTs as just the start. I had no idea where crypto was going to end up, I still don't. But the fact that we're now paying for stuff (NFTs) using crypto – to quote Steve Jobs, "that's making a dent".

So if you're reading about NFTs, buying, selling, or creating them, this is barely the beginning. Whether you know it or not, you're investing in our future. Or as I like to say, you're reallocating capital to the future, to create a reality children happily exist in.

Gracias, my familia is grateful,

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