Dear President Biden, We voted Noncommitted today


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Feb 27, 2024

Posted on Feb 27, 2024

Dear President Biden,

Please watch this video to learn why we're not voting for you or the Democrats today, in November, or any more.

We're no longer voting for y'all just because you're not Republicans. Because now, we don't see much of a difference between you and the Republicans.

What brought my wife and I to vote Noncommitted is Gaza. Gaza has taught us that you're funding the murder of innocent Palestinians -- men, women, and children. That you've been doing it for years. So we refuse to vote for you or the Democrats any more.

Gaza has also taught us how much you and the media have been lying to us - for years. We're sick of that, too. So we're no longer paying attention to CNN, Fox, or the NYT. No. We're now getting our information from substack's such as Caitlin Johnstone, and indy news channels like Breaking Points and Democracy Now!

Make no mistake, we think Trumpers and the Republicans are worse than you and the Democrats. But we're no longer voting for you just because you're not them. No. That's over now. If it means Trumpers take power, so be it. We're not afraid. If you want our vote you're going to have to earn it now.

Earning our vote starts with a ceasefire. Then declaring Israel an apartheid state. Then imposing sanctions against Israel. While you're at it, legalize weed. This is a good start.

BTW. It's not just old heads like me who feel this way. Look what happened in MI tonight. There's plenty of young people who feel the same. I'll be happy to put you in touch with them.

Sincerely yours,
Paul Kulas
Eagle, CO

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