First ETH Denver report - I'm only in crypto for the money


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Mar 4, 2024

Posted on Mar 4, 2024


After seeing ETH Denver and thinking about the state of things, I'm formally declaring that I'm no longer in crypto for the betterment of the world.

ETHDenver 2024 #BUIDLathon + Community Innovation Festival

That all I'm here for is the money.  

Because crypto isn't going to making a fucking difference in the world. No, that ship never even made it to the dock.

Those with the least aren't going to benefit. All that's gonna happen is more of the same - guys like Chris Dixon making bank. Everyone else, scrambling for crumbs.

Chris Dixon’s blog.

Oh yes, there's money to be made in crypto. I've made a lot. 

Just know that to make money you have to embrace group think, put your conscience aside, profess devotion to Elon or this new thing, Farcaster.

A protocol for building sufficiently decentralized social networks


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