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Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jun 12, 2024

Posted on Jun 11, 2024


According to Twitter account zerohedge, the economy is bad. We're on the brink and it's all Democrats fault. Small businesses are in a panic, worried that Biden's policies will be their doom. Purse strings are tight.

zerohedge never offers anything other than right wing propaganda to back up their claims. I don't know why people pay any attention to them. Because I see the opposite – the economy is good. Here's the evidence.

I was at the Dead & CO May 30-June 1 shows at the Sphere. The place was packed. Not only that, Dead & CO has packed the Sphere for 24 shows through August 10th.

People are traveling to Vegas to see Dead & CO shows. They're spending money on travel and entertainment. They must feel pretty good about the economy.

Last weekend I skied at Abasin. There was a good crowd for June skiing. People were spending money on lunch, in the gift shop, and at the bar. More evidence that people don't believe the sky is falling.

Yesterday I was at the Subaru dealership in Glenwood Springs getting our son's car serviced.

I asked my service advisor how business was doing. He said business is great, the dealership is busy. I talked to a couple from Vail who were there getting their car serviced. They're going to the Sphere too.

I was there for nearly 4 hours. I counted at least 4 new car sales. I nodded off for a few, coulda been more.

So the Subaru dealership is busy, they're selling cars. Business is good. The economy is working good for them. If the economy was weak, I doubt I'd have seen 4 new car sales in less than 4 hours.

We live in a ritzy neighborhood. I get mailers all the time advertising home sales, most of which are $1m+.

Home sales are brisk, homes are selling fast.

This house was only on the market like 2 weeks. It's now under contract for $1,595,000. Expensive houses are selling fast. Buyers are flush, don't seem at all concerned that Biden is going to wreck the economy.

I doubt homes would be selling so well if buyers and sellers were worried about Biden – or believed a word of what zerohedge says.

Today I took a spin around the hood. I counted at least 3 new homes under construction, all in the $1m+ range. These aren't spec houses – they're all sold. If these homeowners were at all concerned that President Biden is going to ruin the economy, why would they be building big expensive homes? I think it's the opposite – they're flush and feeling bullish.

My buddy Joe texted me tonight. He's at the Goose show in Kansas City. Packed house. People are going to concerts, spending money.

I have friends in the trades. They're all doing well too. Not one has mentioned a word to me that they're worried about Biden. I own a small business, I'm not worried about Biden. So where all these small businesses that are shaking in their boots, waiting for the next shoe to drop? It's a rhetorical question.

Now that it’s election season zerohedge and their ilk — right wing sock puppet social media accounts — make claims, without evidence, that the economy is on shaky ground. They ignore what I’ve written. Because it’s not the America they want to see.

"Pay no attention to that man (sock puppets) behind the curtain". Because they're rooting against Americans and small businesses.

tty next time,

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