Heni update - they didn't delete my post


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Dec 22, 2023

Posted on Dec 22, 2023


I got this from brother Julio, a mod in the Heni discord:
"Heyo @spinbackwards I hope you are well.

"We would like to confirm that your comments on our YouTube channel have not been removed by our team.

"You'll notice that YouTube includes an autoblock tool that you may test out on other videos and channels. This feature keeps spammers from auto links to other videos.

"You can read more
"here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801973
"and here:

"Please, let me or @Zoe O. know if any questions".

Thumbs up to Heni for letting me know about this.

It still hurts that they allowed Pedro to accuse me of scamming him and others. But this takes some of the sting off.

tty next time,

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