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Last updated on Dec 21, 2023

Posted on Dec 21, 2023

Two weeks ago Heni Discord user Pedro accused me of scamming him and others. He posted slanderous comments about me in the Discord. I asked a Heni moderator ("mod(s)") to step in, they refused to. So I stopped posting there. Pedro lied about me in front of gawd and everyone. Heni owes me an apology for allowing Pedro to post slanderous and salacious comments about me, all without any evidence.

Today I got an email from a friend about NFT:WTF? | The Rise and Fall of NFTs, a movie Heni is showing on their YouTube channel.

Being grateful for them posting the movie and wanting to pay it forward, I posted this comment on their YouTube channel:

"Many thanks for posting this.

"I'd like to pay it forward.

"There's going to be tremendous opportunity in 024 and beyond. I'd love for peeps to realize it. Will it be ape like? I doubt we'll ever see those returns again. But if it's half as good, and I think it'll be better than that, it'll be OMG.

"Don't fall into the group think trap. There's plenty who think crypto is over. They're wrong. Like, way wrong. Because crypto makes too much sense. And it does solve burning problems. So I hope peeps have been following along through the crash.

"Here's a couple links that I'm thinking about:



"This newsletter is a must read:

"As I wrote in one of my last posts in the discord (I really am done. Nothing short of a full apology would cause me to reconsider), crypto and shtonks are an opportunity for commoners like us to get ahead. Neither is rocket science or hard. But they do require time.

"One thing to know about crypto is that it follows the investment world. Shtonks are about emotions and sentiment. So is crypto. You don't fight it, you go with it. There's an old saying in shtonks - "Don't fight the Fed". Part 2 is "don't fight the sentiment".

"Yeah sure, apes made just about no sense. Plenty of people snickered. But if you take a closer look, apes did what shtonks do - they went up in value because the money was flowing in.

"There's going to be another big bull rush. I can hear the bulls charging now.

The internet came about in 1985. It wasn't until the early 2000's that it crossed the chasm".

Less than a minute after I posted, Heni deleted it. Then they blocked me from posting. I try to help others, Heni deletes the comment. So not cool.

As I wrote, I'd spent a lot of time in their Discord. I joined in July 021, was one of the first 100. We have spent thousands of dollars buying art from Heni.com. That Heni would allow someone to slander another in their Discord speaks volumes. It's validation for all my complaints about them.

It was heartbreaking to leave through the back door. Right now I'm having a hard time seeing anything but a loss in the art we bought from them. But looking back, there's a silver lining - there always is.

I'd left the Heni Discord once before, over numerous disagreements of how Heni does things. I'd tried over and over to make Heni into something they're not. Today, Heni showed their true colors. They don't deserve another penny from us and they won't get one. I'd recommend not doing business with them. Even if Heni did do the right thing and apologized to me, you can't take back the damage that was done.

Today is also proof positive of why it's a bad idea to dedicate any time to posting on social media or proprietary platforms such as Discord. I've written about this before:

Content Marketing on Twitter is a Mistake
From my keyboard it appears that 99.9% of NFT projects rely on Twitter for their marketing, or to get their message out. I think this is a big mistake. A much better approach is build all marketing and messaging on their website. If you have something to promote or

Here's just a few reasons why you should avoid social media and proprietary platforms. On Discord a mod can ban you for any reason, including no reason. Once you're banned all the content you created is no longer seen in the Discord. I've written about this too:

The Important Role of a Crypto Gadfly
Gerald (“Gerry”) Armstrong is a legendary gadfly. Some say he wrote the book - although Gerry would scoff at the thought. He was also a mentor. Gerry was the former CEO of the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company in Denver. The New York Times first wrote about him [https://www.nytimes.

Personas like Pedro can force you out. On Twitter, Elon is in charge – 'nuff said. On those platforms someone rules over your content. But it's not your content, it's theirs - it's right there in their TOS, Terms Of Surrender. And group think is everywhere. It's all so wrong.

Instead, start your own Ghost blog. Join the Fediverse. In Ghost or the Fediverse you own your content. No one can force you to abandon your content or wipe out years of time (and cost) you spent generating content. You have a forum to defend yourself from twatwads like Pedro.

Pedro if you're reading this - post here, for the record. I'll prove in front of gawd and everyone that you lied about me. Just one rule. You gotta say who you are. Because if you're going to accuse me of being a scammer, surely you're willing to put your name behind your accusations.

I'll have more to say about this soon.

tty next time,

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