John Oliver's Israel-Hamas piece is must watch TV


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Last updated on Nov 16, 2023

Posted on Nov 16, 2023

From his piece:
First from a Jewish man who's daughter was killed by a Hamas suicide bomber 26 years ago:

"We are in a circle of blood the last 75 years. And this is just another round. Nobody expected the viciousness or cruelty of this round but it was expected. You cannot put two million people in a box, close the cover, and expect that nothing will happen.

"It will not stop unless we talk. You cannot annihilate Hamas. You cannot ignore 6 million people, Palestinians, living here in the holy land. And you cannot expect them to go away. They will not go away. We will not go away. We are doomed to live here together and we have to choose - whether to share this land or the graveyard under it".

The next from Oliver:
"Continuing down this path only creates more extremists which is the last thing anyone needs".

"It has to be possible to feel the pain in one community without denying it in the other. It has to be. That is perhaps the most necessary precondition for peace".

"We know that dehumanizing people leads to violence. We know that violence leads to more violence. Crucially, breaking that cycle is going to require leadership significantly different than the ones currently in place.

"Any conversation around this has to begin with empathy or we're just fucked".

Please watch this in its entirety.

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