Nyad is an incredible story of body and mind


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Nov 5, 2023

Posted on Nov 5, 2023


Watched Nyad last night on Netflix. At 63, after 4 failed attempts starting when she was 28, Diana Nyad achieved her life long goal of swimming from Cuba to Key West FL. 100 mile swim. Non stop.

As a former hack swimmer, I followed Diana Nyad's story over the years. I always admired her hutzpah.

Nyad is a helluva story of body and mind. I'm 64. Been struggling lately. I've been looking for the keys to the time machine instead of working on things. Telling myself I'm too old, thinking about resentments instead of gratitude, fear instead of hope. I really needed this movie. Maybe you do too.

tty next time,

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