Late night thoughts on crypto frames


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Dec 24, 2023

Posted on Dec 24, 2023

My TokenFrame (crypto frame) is great.

Because my crypto art (NFTs) is on my wall, where I want it. Having crypto art on my phone or computer is okay, I guess. But it's not useful.

For me, I want to enjoy my art when I'm kicking back at home listening to music, or thinking about stuff.

Here's a picture of a Currency in a crypto frame and analog frame. For me the piece looks way better in the crypto frame - and the crypto frame resolution is only 2k.

IMO crypto frames are better than analog. Right now.

Now imagine crypto frames having the same resolution and interactivity as your iPhone.

Pinch and zoom the screen to see the details of the piece. Tap the screen to learn the backstory, browse the Dots Discord, or see posts about the Currency on social. Share your collection with others, or even make your collection available on subscription. So many possibilities.

Surely developers are working on this. Why wouldn't they be? This is why I can't take my eyes off NFTs and crypto art. It all makes too much sense. It solves burning problems and creates opportunities. It's better.

tty next time,

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