Late night thoughts on $SOL


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Dec 23, 2023

Posted on Dec 23, 2023

$SOL (Solana token) is all the buzz on crypto twitter right now. It's up 110% in the past 2 months.

Right now Ethereum's (ETH) two big problems are throughput and high transaction fees. Solana's big pitch is cheap transaction fees.

But Ethereum has a big update coming this year - EIP-4844:

The promise of this upgrade is Ethereum's network processing power goes way up and transaction costs go way down. I've read estimates that throughput will be increased by at least 100x and transaction costs could drop to $.01 per.

If this comes true, they'll be no reason for developers to leave the Ethereum network. At a penny per transaction, the crypto community will be shouting joy to the world. It could usher in the next 100 million crypto users.

At Harvard they teach if price is your only niche you have none. If EIP-4844 delivers on its promise, Solana's low cost network pitch falls flat.

I'm buying more $ETH.

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