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Last updated on Aug 20, 2023

Posted on Aug 20, 2023


I first learned of Katherine Stewart when I got turned onto her seminal book on Christian Nationalism; The Good News Club - The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children

I now consider Katherine to be the preeminant voice on the subject. Her reporting is always thoroughly researched.

Katherine's latest piece in The New Republic is a must read. She goes into glaring detail about how powerful the effort is by the right to establish a theocracy and permanent authoritarian rule.

The Claremont Institute: The Anti-Democracy Think Tank
It was once (mostly) traditionally conservative and (sort of) intellectually rigorous. Now it platforms white nationalists and promotes authoritarianism.

"When you spend enough to spread unreasonable ideas, you will get an unreasonable society. You might even become a bit of a crank yourself. It goes back to a problem at least as old as Plato. If your power depends on lying to the people, that doesn’t make you noble. It just leaves you with a choice: Accept that you are a fraud, or embrace the lie".

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