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Eagle, CO

Last updated on Aug 21, 2023

Posted on Aug 21, 2023

I've been bummed out about the state of our nation. I'm my Mother's son, I get too emotional.

Millions believe Trump won, don’t believe there was insurrection, believe the “free speech” excuse for the coup to overthrow our government.

My gawd. They tried to overthrow our government. They almost got away with it. They still might get away with it.

It’s shocking to read how strong the movement is calling for violence against the left, to establish a theocracy, and permanent authoritarian rule.

Then there’s social media, which I believe is a social disease. We wrote the world’s first private network circa 2007. We told people what was coming - that people wouldn’t know what to believe. No one cared.

Now millions are being told by who they follow that all politicians are bad. This meme has them convinced that voting doesn’t matter.

It all makes me think Idiocracy has happened.

Then today, I got this from Katherine Stewart:

I can't offer hope, exactly, but I can offer determination. :)

Many people, including many of my ancestors, faced far worse. I also think of enslaved people who fought for freedom even though they knew they'd never experience it for themselves. So I take my inspiration from them, and continue to do my work on behalf of future generations.

This is a time for engagement, not despair. Never underestimate what one determined person can achieve. I can't tell you, specifically, how to get involved -- there are so many possible paths for engagement -- but I do encourage you to choose a lane and devote yourself to it. There is much that we can achieve as individuals, and much more that we can achieve when we join together with others.

With warm regards,.


This is exactly what I needed to hear. I can't bear the weight of our problems on my shoulders. It's bad for my head. But what I can do, is "pick a lane" that connects with me, in service of others. Realize "what one determined person can achieve" as Katherine wrote.

This relates to what Wendy Weir (Bob's sister) wrote in In The Spirit
“People are becoming more aware that they must first heal themselves before they can heal others“.

Grateful to Katherine, for reaching out to me. I really needed this.

Maybe you needed it to?

tty next time,

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