Minting NFTs is better, but still has a long ways to go


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Last updated on May 24, 2024

Posted on May 24, 2024


I just minted this Prohibition Art NFT on the base network.

Prohibition: Open Generative Art NFT Platform |
Prohibition is an open, onchain generative art NFT platform built on Art Blocks Engine and deployed on Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer 2. Explore and create generative art NFTs with us.
Base is a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain.

Minting was easy and fast. The UI sensed I was on another network, it prompted to switch to base. Switching was easy, one click. From there I clicked Mint, a few seconds later the NFT was minted.


  • No screen confirmation of success. I had to check my Profile on OpenSea to see if or not the NFT had minted and was successfully delivered to my wallet.
  • It said the price was $3. I paid $6 for some unknown reason.
  • There's no one to ask or call to find out about the price difference or ask other questions.
  • I had to use Brave. Still no support for Safari, the default browser for every Apple device.

Peeps can go on and on about how great crypto is. But until these UI/UX experiences are solved, it's going nowhere but crypto Twitter. Because only crypto Twitter will put up with this.

Customers need to be able to ask questions, get questions easily answered without hanging their underwear out to dry in public.

There's two big reasons why crypto isn't getting anywhere. The first, is because no one has made an app that makes people want to use crypto. The second, is no one but crypto Twitter wants to be on Twitter. Because it's an enshittified app.

More people daily are starting to see the degree to which they live under the thumbs of tech giants and oligarchs. This will only keep trending upwards. If, for some reason this trend reverses that means people have given up. They've resigned themselves to being controlled by tech overlords. It means the end of free thinking. Is that really want crypto wants to be part of?

Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us?
I wrote this in 2013 on heyheyrenee. I wouldn’t change a word. Here’s a great piece by Kevin Drum on Mother Jones on what the not too distant future will look like, technology wise. It’s about what technology will do, the jobs that’ll be eliminated. Not just a few jobs,

Crypto is a corporate network lynchpin. It should practice what it preaches, and start taking steps to the part of the open web.

Building ActivityPub
Ghost is federating over ActivityPub to become part of the world’s largest publishing network.

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