Rest In Dead, Bill Walton


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jun 9, 2024

Posted on May 27, 2024

I love hoops, loved watching Bill play. I think it was Bill who in the late 70's prompted me to look closely at the Grateful Dead. I figured if he loved them there must be something there.

I saw Bill at Dead and Dead & CO shows. I never got to talk to him, but I'd watch him from a distance. He was always kind and friendly to people. Another reminder of why I've loved the scene ever since.

Folks, if you've never been to a Dead show, go. If you can make it to The Sphere, go. There's plenty of tickets well below face.

Maybe you'll learn you're a Deadhead?

You don't have to have seen the Dead with Jerry to be a Deadhead. There's no minimum amount of shows. If you love adventure, their music, what the Dead have meant to the world, the scene, you're a Deadhead.

Thanks for turning me on, Bill

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