NFT frames are the killer app for NFTs


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Aug 9, 2022

Posted on Aug 9, 2022

Today we the put the finishing touches on the spinroom, installed the TokenFrame.


TokenFrame changes everything. It brings my NFTs to where me and others can experience them. TokenFrame makes me think of NFTs in a whole other way - that I can't not have them.

Right now their UI is early. But it'll get better - way better. I can pick 20 NFTs for a slide show, I can have multiple slide shows. We mounted ours to hide the plug, bc that's how we roll.

There's more, I'll write about that later. But for now...


Someone comes to your home. They pinch in, out on the hi res image. Now they're getting detail they can't get in an analog frame. They tap to visit the community. They join a video chat. They tap to buy the NFT, it's sent to their wallet. You get a commission on the sale, because it's in the smart contract.  

The NFT frame becomes the UI to the world.

You can't envisage this until you see, feel, then dream. It's Oh, my freaking Gawd, Good. Digital art is the way forward now. Nothing else matters. NFT frames will be what brings NFTs to the masses. Who would want an analog frame??

The future is here.

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