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Last updated on Aug 9, 2022

Posted on Aug 9, 2022

More notes on the TokenFrame --

The TokenFrame came securely packaged. I didn't make any notes. But I do recall thinking they could have put a little more padding in. But overall, the packaging was good.

Their setup interface is a little clunky if you have your NFTs on Ledger. But that'll be fixed soon, with the fix Ledger and Metamask are coming out with "in the Fall of 022".  

If you have a lot of NFTs their app bogs down - you have to scroll sloooowly. To display your NFTs you create slide shows. You can have multiple slide shows, each slide show is 20 NFTs. People have asked for more than 20, they said they're increasing it.

Their app doesn't filter out hidden NFTs. They get that's an issue, but I'm not sure wen the fix is coming.

I was a little concerned about security. But all they have is read only access to your NFTs - a "sign" operation. You would have to approve to have any additional access, which I highly doubt they'd ever ask for. Why would they? Read only is all they'll ever need, they've been very clear about this.

Right now I think Ethereum is the only chain they support. Polygon is next.

Mounting the frame is routine if you're handy. But because of their plug design, hiding all the wires requires a recessed outlet. If you're not handy you'll need a licensed professional's help. We bought this one.

They said they're going to redesign their frame so that a standard outlet mounted inside the frame will work for hiding their plug. But if you're cool with showing the cord, there's nothing you need to do.

We didn't use their wall mount but we easily could have. We made our own french cleat.

This is definitely a work in progress. But what they've done so far is good to pretty good. And their CEO is active in the discord, listening. They're responsive.

Do I recommend the TokenFrame? Fuck yes. Looking at my NFTs on my phone or computer screen is fine - but it falls short. Looking at them from the couch, while listening to music or reading, changes things. Now I'm connected to them. Wen NFTs are on my phone or computer I don't feel that they're home. Now that they're on our wall, I do.

The TokenFrame starts at $333 for the 10". Ours is the 22", $1555. It's well worth it. If you can swing one, get it.

In my next post I'll write about the killer apps TokenFrame makes possible.

tty then,

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