NFT Technology Solves Two Big Problems for Businesses


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Nov 6, 2022

Posted on Nov 6, 2022

Two burning problems that businesses nowadays have are: a) their customers aren't loyal, b) their customers don't pay attention to them.

The common copout and easy way out is that businesses blame their customers - everyone is distracted now, the world has changed, young people are always on their phones, blah bla blah.

Remember the old saying, "The customer is always right"?. It's still true. The customer has every right to withhold their loyalty and attention. Loyalty and attention is earned, not given.

Two big reasons (other than their products suck) why customers aren't loyal or don't pay attention to business are: a) the business doesn't do anything meaningful to gain customers loyalty, b) the business focuses their marketing strategy around social, where it’s just about impossible for customers to pay attention. Marketing on social is asking their customers to have a conversation with them in a crowded room, where everyone is sceaming loudly.

NFT technology is a solution for these two problems that businesses have: a) business customers can be dropped meaningful and valuable NFTs that foster loyalty, b) businesses engage with their customers, leads, and others in 1 central location (think discord) that’s focused, with no distractions, where everyone can easily talk with other.

But the big payoff and breakthrough for businesses that deploy NFT technology the right way is this:  
the customer sees the business as a giver, instead of a taker.

Next, I'll talk about giver and taker.

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