NFTs Change Everything? Yes


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Last updated on Aug 21, 2023

Posted on Aug 23, 2021

It wasn't that long ago I thought I'd never see anything like circa '89 or early dotcom in tech. But here we are.

I believe they'll talk about this period in tech for years to come. Why? Let's start here:

From the piece: “We think that NFTs are going to play a really important role in the future of retail and social media, entertainment and commerce,"

This is cause for close examination.

Retail is where we shop. Social media is where we hang out. Entertainment is what we do for fun. Commerce is how money works. So in other words, NFTs change everything.

Now consider this.

"I live in Aspen" is a status flex. I do it when I say "I live in the CO mountains". Not so much for status, bc I'm proud of where I live. I'm a ski bum.

Same thing will happen with pfp's.

Soon, nothing will say more about you as a first impression than your pfp. pfp's are how we'll be judged at first glance.

And this.

What's the old saying in real estate? "They're not making any more of it"

There's only ever going to be 10k punks or apes. There's at least a few million wealthy people and multi-million dollar corporations.

Scion’s of the wealthy, millions with fuck you money who weren’t there, will pay an embarrassing amount of money for a punk or ape. Corporations will do the same, to have a punk or ape as part of their brand or campaign.

So what will 1 punk or ape be worth? I can't see a ceiling.

Now this.

Punks and apes are to pfp’s what Microsoft and Apple are to personal computing. No one will dislodge them. They're indelible and invaluable.

For those who don't have a punk or ape, don't worry. NFTs have a date/time stamp. Just having one from this period will be valuable. They'll be a couple more important pfp projects. The Android of NFT has yet to appear.

For those who're here, step back and enjoy it. You get to say "I was there". You get to tell wonderful stories. For those just showing up, I hope you enjoy the trip. You're not late, it's still really early.

This came to me today.

When I've left for that endless tour, our son might not talk about that I was a Dead Head, or was early in tech. I bet he'll say, "Dad was an ape".

Exactly how it should be.

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