Notes from the HIPEVAN on NFTs, opportunity, fear and failure


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Last updated on Apr 4, 2023

Posted on Apr 4, 2023

I've bitched that 2021 NFTs were about the Benjamins. Some are still doing it. ofc 2021 NFTs were about the Benjamins. So what? Things worked out exactly as they should have.

No more. Instead I vow to forever celebrate those who beat the system. They paid off loans, bought a home, a car, paid for higher education. Hoo rah!

Now, here's to hoping they pay it forward and tell others. They dig in, evangelize the tremendous opportunities ahead.

Back to NFTs. I don't think pfp's are over. I think there's plenty of room for the next great pfp. Why? Apes were about Gordon, he was the juice. Now he's gone and apes are just a status symbol. Yuga isn't cool anymore. Someone gonna come along and take their thunder.

Will the next great pfp be a once in a lifetime investment opportunity like punks and apes? I don't know. But what I do believe is that in addition to a new pfp leader, great businesses will appear - think Amazon, eBay, Apple, YouTube. I think infrastructure will be the next great investment opportunity.


Opportunity comes to the prepared mind. Each day since 2.22.20, I've shown up in crypto looking for signals in the noise. My mind doesn't have room for signals if it's being filled up with noise.

I read everything from Ledger, MetaMask, and Manifold. They're making significant investments in infrastructure.

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beeple, Twitter FUD and engagement tweets. Yuga.

If I may.

Don't be afraid of failure or being wrong. If you've struck out so far in NFTs don't let that be a distraction. Keep your eye on the ball.

Players get into the Baseball Hall of Fame batting .300 - that's getting 1 hit for about every 4 times at bat.

Great entrepreneurs can work years before making a killer app. Along the way they fail, over and over. I know I have. I have been laughably wrong and have foolishly failed - in the last week. It doesn't bother me in the least. In fact I embrace it. Each time I  get right back up, get back on the horse.

Yes, crypto is a storm of noise right now. If you pay attention to the noise, are fearful, you're increasing the odds of missing the signals. The probability of being absent wen the sun shines.

You're on a journey that right now, is fraught with fear and wrought with problems. Fall in love with the trip.

tty next time,

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