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Eagle, CO

Last updated on Apr 2, 2023

Posted on Apr 2, 2023

gm Dots!

Was my Fuck You Too Damien post over the top? Of course it was, what else would you expect from this cowboy hippie?

Hey man, what I wrote is just an over-the-top, saltier version of what plenty more than me have been saying in the discord since at least the UP release. And y'all know it.

Besides. I'm a gadfly.

Does Heni or Hirst owe me anything? No. Are there now or have there ever been promises of anything, other than what I bought? No. Do they have obligation to offer me anything other than a product to buy at the same price as anyone else? No. Did Heni or Hirst ask, expect, or remotely suggest that I spend the amount of time I have in their discord? No.

But that's not the point I'm making and what I'm sore about.

Because if I apply that same logic no one should ever; open the door, smile and/or say hello, offer to help, or put a quarter in a strangers parking meter that's about to expire.

Being kind or in this case offering us Dots a discount and/or throwing us a bone for all we've done is just the right thing to do. Ya know, don't be a dick.

Making us swag or throwing us a party that Damien didn't come to (which still pisses me off as y'all know) was nice. But look at all the free promotion they got out of it. They got theirs too. As the lovely Zoe says, "we are the art".

I get it, I'm not the target market for Hirst and Heni. They sell to the luxury crowd. But I bet somewhere inside you had the same hopes as yours truly when we bought our Currency for $2000.00. I bet you hoped that maybe this was the start of Hirst breaching an entire new market - us commoners.  

In fact early on it looked like it was gonna happen, when they dropped our beloved GE's. Remember how happy we all were? A few lucky Dots got signed Spin Paintings.  

So yeah, there's been benefits. I'm not saying there hasn't been. For example the UP release.

Hang on. Was the UP release really a benefit? Heni claims, with no evidence, that Dots were given some kind of priority. This caused quite the kerfuffle in the discord. Then a bunch of us had to send them back because they were packaged so poorly. To Heni's credit so far they're handling the exchanges with aplomb.

And about our GE's. Dots have made it abundantly clear that they'd love GE prints. Why can't Heni tell us if or not they're going to do GE prints? What competitive advantage could there possibly be for keeping us in the dark?

As some of you know I used to fight rich kids, maybe I'm fighting them now. Again, Heni or Hirst don't owe me a damn thing. Maybe they do wear white socks, they have every right to. Maybe I pressed the fool button for thinking that a multi-million dollar operation such as theirs are ever gonna do the right thing.

But if I apply that same logic I'd never; protest, vote, or do all I can to create a better world for the children. My mother raised me better. She taught me to speak up, do what I believe in.

Manana, Dots

So please don't say manana if you don't mean it
I have done your lines for so very long
Don't try to describe a Kiss concert if you've never seen it
Don't ever forget that you just may wind up being gone
And I hope Anita Bryant never ever does one of my songs.

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