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Last updated on May 7, 2024

Posted on May 7, 2024


I bought these jeans from Nudie Jeans a few years ago. The reason why I bought them was how they're made and how I viewed Nudie as a company. They seemed to align with my values.

Either then or recently, Nudie offered a repair service. I dig this. Because all the stuff we buy ends up in the landfill. Our addiction (mine too, more on that later) to consumption is killing the planet. I'm about fixing my clothes, not buying more.

But then I found out, after contacting Nudie to get my jeans repaired, that I had to drop them off in person. Okay, fine. But there's only 3 repair shops here in the US. And I'm 1300 miles from the nearest repair shop. Bummer.

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Luckily, our friends from Los Angeles were visiting. They took my jeans back with them, dropped them off at Nudie's La Brea repair shop.

Nudie did a great job of patching up my jeans, here's the before and after pics.

Nice butt?

Dealing with Nudie was great, whoever contacted me about the repairs was personable and friendly. They repaired the jeans for free. A+ experience as far as that goes. But here's why Nudie is just almost a great company, instead of a great company.

Had it not been for my friends, I couldn't have taken advantage of their free repairs. Why doesn't Nudie allow customers to send in their jeans to get repaired? So only customers in Brooklyn and Los Angeles can get their jeans repaired?

Maybe it's because they want to talk to the customer in person? Okay, fine. But as you can see from the before pics, I laid out everything I wanted repaired. In fact in one of the communications with them the person even said so.

Don't get me wrong. I'm super grateful that Nudie repaired my jeans. I think it's great that they do this, I wish more companies would follow their tracks. Hopefully by the time my jeans get more holes, they allow customers to send them in. If so, then they'll be a great company.

I can't see any good reason why they don't allow customers to send in their jeans for repair. But I'll ask this Nudie, post back what they say.

tty next time,

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