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Last updated on May 8, 2024

Posted on May 8, 2024

Ron English is an artist whose images tell a story of what goes on in our world. They might make you uncomfortable, which is part of art's purpose – "You hate my art? Then I made an impression".

Ron puts his art out there with no concern for sales. He makes art that he believes in, that has something to say. Renee and I are big fans.

Watch his new documentary, "Living In Delusionville" on Amazon Prime:

Watch Living in Delusionville | Prime Video
From humble Midwestern beginnings, processing the commercial imagery of pop culture into a darker, funnier universe he calls Delusionville, Ron English has made his way into prominence, laying the groundwork for the explosion of Street Art.

While you're watching, pay close attention to his characters and imagery. Then give Living In Delusionville a listen. Here's the iTunes link:

In Delusionville the Pigs are the bankers. The Rabbbits are the proletariat. The Sheep are the religious, led by their paster Beau Lief. The Combrats are kid soldiers.

Ron uses his Delusionville characters to show us a reflection of the world we're in. That the Pigs are in control. The media is feeding us Quack. It'd be a good idea for us Combrats to rise up.

From the last scene of Living In Delusionville -
"I want my art to be an impetus to change things.

"And you know, the other people, you're a fucking idiot, nobody wants to hear that. They wanna hear how much money you're gonna make 'em! That's what I'm about. I'm about how much money I'm gonna, me!.

"And I just can't stay in that place. It always comes back to, how's this gonna change things? How's this gonna help?"

Camera person:
"So what are the things you wanna change?"

"Well I think that we're faced with major issues that people aren't dealing with. Now we're in a weird time, everything's so corrupt, it's gonna become so corrupt so fast that it's gonna make your head spin.

"Now we have to be the resistance".

Yes, Ron, exactly. This is why I love this man. Now who wants to join me in the resistance?

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