OhhShiny interferes with a 2nd project I'm in. tv and radio is better


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Last updated on Jan 21, 2022

Posted on Jan 21, 2022


Yesterday while cruising the Robotos Discord I saw they were going to be on the OhhShiny show talking about their roadmap and what not.

But because I'm blocked by OhhShiny I couldn't listen. So this makes two NFT projects I'm in, The Boring Ape Chronicles (TBAC) being the other, that OhhShiny has blocked me from listening to interviews or marketing updates.

The NFT market is way out of balance, unhealthy
Yesterday’s story about Twitter influencer beanie hasn’t been confirmed. But if it’s true and my bet would be it is, everyone should be alarmed. 1/ In this thread we will disclose the identity of one of the (currently) most (in)famous NFT influencers. But before we do that, we first

Most projects post all you need to know in their Discord. But that's not my intial point. OhhShiny has no right to interfere with anything to do with a project I'm interested in, or have bought into.

Think of it like this. Patagonia has sent me mail. But someone at the post office intercepted the mail because they don't like me. So I never got what Patagonia sent me.

There's a much bigger issue here.

I posted in the Robotos Discord that I was being blocked from hearing what they had to say. In my post I used profanity, called OhhShiny a fuckwad. I don't consider "fuck", or fuck+anything to be profanity. But it's their rules. I had no objection to them deleting my post.

Then I asked if I could post a link to my blog so people could read about this. I tried to get across this wasn't about me. I brought up a valid example: what if OhhShiny had blocked other customers or potential customers? They too wouldn't be able to hear what they had to say.  

The moderator in the Discord then requested I DM them to review the post.

After reviewing the post the moderator rejected my request to post the link to my blog, claiming "profanity". When I pointed out the post doesn't have any profanity in it, they pointed to one word - "fuckwad". Then they explained they're "striving to start a Children's Animated TV show with Time Magazine".

I guess they're worried that if Time finds out someone involved in their Discord says "fuck", or anyone in their Discord says "fuck", they wouldn't get the show?  Never mind the fact that they've probably said "fuck" a zillion times so far in their lives. Or that children see and hear "fuck" everywhere. I guess their plan to get the Time gig is to be who they aren't, so Time doesn't find out who they are? Not how I do things, but to each their own.

I also posted in the TBAC Discord about this. I wrote "tell OhhShiny I'm going to kick his ass the next time I see him". My post was over the top, I agree. TBAC deleted it, which was the right thing to do.

Then I contacted young Insight via DM. I asked if I could post my story. He said no. He said I can't use their platform to "publicly voice your personal grievance. It's really none of their business...and we can't get involved".

Both The Boring Ape Chronicles (TBAC) and Robotos projects denied my request to post a link in their Discords. In their defense, they have every right to run their projects as they choose. But this is crypto. NFTs are a child of crypto. Crypto opposes censorship, it's about free speech.

Robotos denied my request because of profanity. TBAC denied my request citing that it's a "personal grievance" and "they can't get involved".

It's my opinion that Robotos and TBAC are wrong. Because censorship is Web2. This isn't a personal grievance and it is their business to defend free speech. My story is a matter that affects everyone. Because if free speech is blocked, if it's hard to find stories like mine, then they're not following what Satoshi wrote. They're following Web2.

NFT projects and voices claim they're making Web3. Right now I disagree. In the model that's taking shape, customers and potential customers are easily blocked from information they have every right to. NFT projects are building on Twitter and Discord, platforms that are monopolies. Platforms that encourage group think and censorship. The VC's are omnipresent. Mark Zuckerberg's sister is here. The NFT community is excited about Twitter's announcement yesterday of verified profile pictures, which amounts to surveillance capitalism.

Tv and radio can't block me from watching a Patagonia ad. But OhhShiny can. Tv and radio are better. "Web3" doesn't exist yet. All that's different so far in Web3 is the payment method.

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