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Last updated on Feb 5, 2022

Posted on Feb 3, 2022

Little bit of a misunderstanding yesterday with this. Turns out after DMing Robin Schmidt it was user error - Robin just didn't see the comment. I didn't have to talk him into anything, it's their policy to post disagreement.  

Robin is a good dude and for my money, an important person in this space. It'd be a highlight of my career to have a coffee with him. Hopefully that happens. I think Robin mainly agrees with what I wrote. Not sure about his boss.

I changed the feature image to Wonderful, removed the screenshot from the YouTube chat, added comments where needed notated by ##. I added the perfect song for this - Wonderful by Everclear. Other than that everything is the same.

from Wonderful
- Everclear

I close my eyes when I get too sad
I think thoughts that I know are bad
Close my eyes and I count to ten
Hope it's over when I open them
Close my eyes when I go to bed
And I dream of angels that make me smile
I feel better when I hear them say
Everything will be wonderful someday
(Na na na na na na na)
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
I don't believe you when you say
Everything will be wonderful someday
I don't want to hear you say
That I will understand someday
No, no, no, no
(Na na na na na na na)
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
Some days I hate everything
I hate everything
Everyone and everything
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now
I don't want to hear you tell me everything is wonderful now
(Na na na na na na na)
Please don't tell me everything is wonderful now

I posted this comment on The Defiant's YouTube channel. But they deleted it, calling it a personal attack.##I contacted Robin, this was a misunderstanding##

I'm a paid subscriber. I've contributed money to The Defiant to sponsor new subscribers. So far I've bought 20 NFTs to help support Cami's film. I have a man crush on Robin Schmidt.

We're friends. Or at least I thought we were. ##We are## Friends can disagree. ##We do## If anything I've written here is a personal attack then I guess I need to stop writing. Because the way I read it, it's anything but that. It's constructive criticism. I wrote it because of how much I care.

Maybe they'll change their mind and post my comment? Either way, it's just more proof of how right Dan Olson is in his video. It's just more proof that the crypto community does not accept criticism in any form and they can't see through their own biases. ## It's The Defiant's policy to post disagreement. It's not accurate to say The Defiant doesn't accept criticism##

The following comment was in regards to Camila ("Cami") Russo's and Robin Schmidt's response yesterday to Dan Olson's video, a story I've been following.

I think you guys missed the heart of Dan's complaints.

Central to Dan's video are crypto's structural problems. The fact that anyone can drop anything to a crypto wallet. Or that smart contracts can contain any script - a virus, or code that wipes out a crypto wallet. There's no one to call if something goes wrong with a crypto transaction. There's no security built into crypto. Crypto has no consumer protections. The crypto space is rife with fraud.

I thought you guys took the easy way out. Cami framed Dan's video in terms of "hate". Both Cami and Robin got stuck on the environmental issues Dan brought up - a minor gripe in his overall message.

You didn't address or mention the elephant in the room.

Anyone can drop anything to a crypto wallet, including an NFT that if interacted with in any way, wipes out or steals everything in the wallet. I can't say accurately what it'd take to block this. My guess would be a big move towards centralization.  

Smart Contracts are permissionless. For them to have any type of audit, or block malicious scripts that cause harm, that would mean an entire re-write of the ETH blockchain.

Dan accurately described in his video, how in crypto there's no one to call if something goes wrong. There's no help desks. Does crypto envisage a world without customer service, or a help desk? Where everyone is on their own? If so that's not progress. That's a huge step backwards.

No one is talking about the protections that both the browser and the operating system provide a user. I've been in crypto all day every day since 2.22.20. As I understand it crypto doesn't address security or safe computing. If so that's not only a huge step backwards in computing, it's a nightmare scenario.

Cami talked about regulations. She said she "fears them". I don't understand her reasoning. Because if crypto is ever to go mainstream here in the USA, state Attorney Generals and lawmakers will have to be onboard.

Every state has consumer protection and deceptive trade laws. These laws are a good thing. From the Colorado Attorney General:
"The Colorado Attorney General is dedicated to protecting Colorado consumers and businesses by upholding Colorado and Federal laws designed to maintain a fair and competitive business environment while protecting consumers from being targets of fraud. Whether combating scammers attempting to concoct elaborate investment schemes, bait-and-switch advertising,  unscrupulous lenders, or fraud on older Coloradans, Consumer Protection Section is devoted to keeping Coloradans safe."

These laws "protect consumers from being targets of fraud". Right now there's nothing I've seen in crypto that protects consumers from targets of fraud. It's the opposite - crypto is a scammers dream come true. State Attorney Generals are going to have major issues with crypto - because it's not safe for consumers to interact with.

If crypto were to go mainstream would consumers be on their own with their finacial transactions? If so that would wipe out years of hard fought consumer protections, including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Consumer protection and deceptive trade laws are important. As are fair lending and many other laws and regulations that help protect consumers financial interactions. Does Cami expect that these protections would be eviscerated? If so consumers will be worse off.

The response to Dan's video completely ignored Dan's central message, which he's right about. It ignored the issues I've brought up.

In today's video Robin said something to the affect of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Cami also said something to the affect of, "DeFi needs to be tested". That's great and I agree. But if you're unwilling to address these fundamental problems that there appears to be no answers for, your words seem insincere.

Many thanks, I hope someone reads this.

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