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Last updated on Mar 26, 2022

Posted on Mar 26, 2022

The World Of Women (WoW) NFT project has every right to do what they're doing. It's obviously the founders to dream to be successful, they certainly are. But I believe their success is at the expense of Mother Earth. I believe the Net of their project is a massive distraction from what they claim they're supporting.

This is my 2nd critical post of WoW. First one is here:

As always, I invite WoW founders to discuss my criticisms. So far I've yet to hear from anyone. To their credit they haven't blocked me on Twitter or their Discord. But that could be because they want to monitor what I have to say.

Doing well by doing good is what Anand Giridharadas writes in his seminal book, Winners Take All - The Elite Charade of Changing the World. It's to stand on someone's back while saying you're helping them. Corporations everywhere do it all day every day.

The latest example of WoW doing well by doing good is their recent collaboration with VINCI Airports.

VINCI Airports is owned by VINCI. VINCI advertises themselves as "forging a sustainable world". Their website is full of words and phrases like "environments", "humanism", "a force for good", typically associated with progressivism. They want to come off as being the good guys. I believe their copy and image is carefully designed to disguise what they're really up to, which is destroying Mother Earth.

Let's take a look at what VINCI does, starting with their energy business. From their energy page - "VINCI Autoroutes has pledged to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 50% looking at 2030." Note the word "pledged". It doesn't mean they're going to do anything. Or, that they'll hit their mark. They offer no evidence of their pledge, no way for anyone to hold them to it, or track them. All they're saying, is they're going to try. Exxon, another company WoW is connected to, says the same thing. How's that working out?

But most important is this. Let's say they meet their pledge. The world's population is projected to increase by at least 10% by then. They'll be 70m more of us on the planet. What do you think their carbon foot print will be? And this. Scientific data suggests a massive collapse of the arctic ice shelf in as little as five years. So VINCI Airports is telling you they're going to reduce their greenhouse emissions by 50% by 2030. What they're not telling you, is it won't make a difference. Or that it's way too little, way too late.

Now let's look at VINCI's construction business. Does this look like a company that cares about Mother Earth?

What do you think the carbon foot print is of this building? They build these all over the world.

And they build commercial buildings for retail and office space. Ostensibly leasing retail and office space to businesses that are, you guessed it, against saving the planet.

Check out the picture of VINCI executives standing next to their 55k electric cars.

The caption doesn't say they're going to reduce their carbon emissions by 40%. It says "driving towards 40%...". Once again, they're not saying anything. But it's even more egregious. From their press release:
"VINCI is inviting all employees to make the transition to zero carbon transport, wherever possible, and provides an EV option at every grade of company car allowance across the business."

They're inviting their employees to "make the transition to zero carbon transport", which includes buying an electric car. How many of their employees do you think can afford an electric car?  

More from their press release:
"We have made a commitment not just to cut our emissions as a business, but to do so by going electric and not hybrid. It’s hard to predict the short-term impact on our CO2 emissions but if we pursue the strategy across cars and vans, we will make a significant cutover time.”

"we are looking at options to switch our diesel or petrol vans to EVs in the next three years,”

Are you starting to see a pattern here? This is another carefully worded, hollow piece. No different than their website copy, or the copy from their different divisions. It's all part of a charade to make you think they're part of the solution when in fact they're the problem.

One more example. VINCI is in the nuclear business. "VINCI has been a player on the nuclear market for almost 50 years and has executed more than 80% of the civil engineering for France’s nuclear power plants." How much land do you think VINCI has forever contaminated, that could have been used for greenhouses and to grow food? And what if one of their nuclear plants has a melt down? Remember Chernobyl?  

The summary of VINCI's damage to Mother Earth is their annual report. Of course, the first thing you read is "Forging a sustainable world".

My guess is that for every $1 VINCI advertises as "sustainable", or written in a way to make you think they're good stewards of the environment, $1000 more is spent destroying it. They stand on the neck of Mother Earth while looking down at her and saying "we're helping you".

WoW has collaberated with a company that's demonstrably destroying Mother Earth. It looks to me like WoW has traded whatever values they might have once had, for profit. I think their project amounts to nothing more than greenwashing and philanthrocapitalism.

Go ahead and mint their newest pieces today. But if the reason why is you think you're either helping women or Mother Earth, I'd love to have a conversation with you.

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