Refik Anadol perfectly matches blockchain with art


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jun 26, 2024

Posted on Jun 26, 2024


A while back Refik Anadol collectors were given the choice to burn MoMA NFTs for a MoMA 3D Data Universe Sculpture. I jumped on the offer as I love irl art.

The sculpture showed up on our door yesterday, my birthday. What a nice birthday present! The sculpture arrived well packaged, with a COA, and a link to the creation on the blockchain.

The blockchain is perfect for art, as Refik so aptly demonstrates. Because each piece of art is forever linked to the blockchain, which lives in perpetuity. So there's never a question about authenticity. I don't understand why every artist isn't linking their works to the blockchain.

Readers of this blog (all 4 of you) know that I'm a big fan of Refik. I think he's on a short list (like, really short) of NFT creators that continue to do great work despite the headwinds facing NFTs right now.

Many thanks to Refik and his team for keep on, keepin' on.

tty next time,

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