Rest In Music, brothers and sisters


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Oct 12, 2023

Posted on Oct 12, 2023

Brother @whoarethegratefuldead posted this. It moved me.

That this happened at a music festival has shaken me. I feel fear, anger and sadness. Confusion.

No doubt about it Hamas are terrorists and brutal thugs who slaughtered innocent people - my peeps.

Fear wants me to hold back hugs now, because what if I'm hugging someone who I disagree with? To put politics ahead of the music, peace and love. The anger in me says make Hamas pay for what they’ve done. Let hellfire rain down on them and their kind. The Deadhead and music lover in me says war is not the answer, war makes more war.

We go to concerts and festivals to celebrate. Politics? No man. It’s about the vibe. Hugs, peace and love for everyone. That can't change. It’s all so sad. May the memory of brother osher, the brothers and sisters whose lives were taken there live on at concerts and festivals forever. NFA

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