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Eagle, CO

Last updated on Oct 11, 2021

Posted on Oct 1, 2021

Family Research Council Raises Money for Right-Wing School Board Takeover Campaign | Right Wing Watch
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is raising money to promote right-wing takeovers of local school boards, which he claims is necessary to

Today two flyers were left on my doorstep. Both from conservative candidates running for our local school board.

I called Heather Bergquist, the candidate in the flyer on the right. I asked if she was a Republican or Democrat. She wouldn't give me a straight answer. Instead she said was something like "I believe government should stay out of our schools". I asked which Presidential candidate she voted for in the 2020 election. She wouldn't say. Her answer was something like, "I'm not a fan of any politician".

Heather is a Trumper. She's trying to disguise herself. But if she's elected make no mistake what she's about - the Trump agenda. It's right here on her on her website:

heather for the children

The candidate in the flyer on the right is Andrew Keiser. I couldn't find a website. All I could find is his candidate filing on the Colorado Secretary of State website here:

I called the phone number listed on the website, sounds like it's Andrew's cell. Left him a message.

But if you look at Andrew's flyer he makes a big deal of "God Bless America". He's proud of his church membership. Hard to believe that Andrew isn't going to bring his religious views into his job should he win. He's probably for prayer in schools.

The right knows their religious views are out of step with the majority of Americans. So now all that's left is to force them on us. It's why they're running for school board and every other local race. They know voter turnout is typically low in local races.

When was the last time you cared about school board elections? Have you ever cared about school board elections? The right knows most don't. So they're trying to win elections while you're not looking – or not voting. Don't let that happen.  

Make sure you vote in your upcoming school board elections. And do your research into who you're voting for.

10.6.21 update:
This post -

They are not peaceful protesters. They are death-threat squads. And the US attorney general is absolutely right. He must act
Don’t let the Republicans con you.

Andrew just called. He's a registered Republican. Surprised?

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