The Power of a Handwritten Note


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Sep 28, 2022

Posted on Sep 28, 2022

The other day this tube shows up on my door from my dear friend - albeit whom I've not met – yet – Ani.

She told me it was coming, so that wasn't a surprise. What blew me away was the little something inside.

Ani took the time to write me a note. Not just a note, a heartfelt note on beautiful paper.

You might be thinking - "So someone wrote you a note, spin. WTF's the big deal"? Well, wen was the last time you wrote...anyone a handwritten note? I'll even go you one more – have you ever, written someone a handwritten note?

What most in the NFT world miss is the power of irl. The power of personal connection. Connection isn't digital. No. Digital is the utility, not the connection. NFT entrepreneurs would be wise to do what Ani does, write their collectors a note. Call them. Build real connections, not faux ones.

I have no idea if Ani's art is ever going to be worth anything. I don't care. But what I do know is this - she's living right. How I know is by her feet. I was a fan before. Now I'm smitten.

Something else about Ani. She's Armenian. Her heart is wounded by what's happening to her people, her fellow countrymen. So is mine. Because what hurts Ani hurts me too. She once told me she'd die for them. I believe her. Don't fuck with this woman, she'll kick your ass.

Then she'll help you up, give you a rose wrapped in a handwritten note.

tty next time,

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