When I Paint My Masterpiece


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jun 28, 2021

Posted on Jun 27, 2021

Been head down in NFT land the past few days. Time to get back to work.
NFTs are a thing, they're here to stay. I dig ‘em.

But it’s also really easy to get burned - I have the scars (wallet full of…NFTs I shouldn’t have bought) to prove it.

For example the $$ amount of influence tied to Twitter personas who won’t say their names is mind blowing. These faceless and nameless souls squawk to their followers about what to buy, but then won’t put their names on the line? And people listen to them??

Crypto sings about being "decentralized". Yet a few clowns literally move markets. Makes no sense.

Even the morally bankrupt cats on Wall Street have names.

I thought about this song, by Bob Dylan
When I Paint My Masterpiece
covered by the Grateful Dead.
Give it a listen.

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