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Last updated on Aug 17, 2022

Posted on Aug 17, 2022

Delusionville is everywhere around us. Yesterday in Minturn it was on full display, at a celebration of life I went to.

The person we celebrated was very active in A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. overshadowed their life. I met them in A.A., they were always kind to me. RIP.

I'm grateful for the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. The book Alcoholics Anonymous, aka "The Big Book", is everything I believe in. Largely due to The Big Book Renee and I are clean and sober - 7.5.2005, 4.16.2007 respectively.

But IMO A.A. has been taken over by religion and politics. A.A. more resembles a cult than not. The meetings are full of loudmouth and angry Trumpers, grifters and worse. I've been burned a few times by A.A. members. I've seen many others taken advantage of. I stopped going to meetings a few years ago because I could no longer stomach what takes place there.  

Here's a few links that accurately reflect the dark side of A.A. and the business of recovery.

Twelve Steps to Danger: How Alcoholics Anonymous Can Be a Playground for Violence-Prone Members


The Busine$$ of Recovery

'I was fresh meat': how AA meetings push some women into harmful dating

Am I saying don't go to A.A.? Not exactly. But in the 15 years I've been clean and sober I know of at least 6 people who were going to A.A. meetings up here where we live then committed suicide. The concept of "sponsorship", which btw isn't in The Big Book, is dangerous and should be avoided. Find someone who'll tell you what really goes on there. DYOR. Let the Big Book, not the people or the meetings, be your guide.

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