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Last updated on Aug 21, 2022

Posted on Aug 21, 2022

I'm old school about taxes. Meaning, I happily pay them. On time. And I don't cheat. I pay them before I eat.

Because I don't want to do anything to change my luck. But it wasn't always this way. I learned the hard $ way.

Wen I was young I worked construction, framing houses. I was a great framer, moved up fast. First I worked for people. Then I was a sub-contractor.  

Wen I was an employee I let the boss get away with not withholding payroll taxes. I knew better. I should have quit, worked for someone who was legit. But I didn't. More money for partying.

Then wen I was a sub-contractor it was up to me to file my taxes. But I didn't always do that. I bought drugs and booze, used the money to party and carry on.

Then one day the IRS caught up with my shenanigans, sent me one of their ominous brown letters. I opened it to find a big fat bill. Fuck me.

It took me a couple years to pay them off. I paid heavily in stress, late fees and interest. I told myself never again.

Wen I got into crypto one of my first observations was how cavalier degens were about taxes. The sentiment ranged anywhere from crypto isn't money therefore no taxes are due, to the IRS won't find them because they're anon. I saw a buncha people pushing the fool button.  

I knew better. I knew the IRS was going to catch up. So I set out to find to find an accounting firm that not only understood crypto and taxes, but could advise me with crypto investments. A sharp group I could work with. As fortune would have it, I found them.

Darien Advisors is a professional firm run by Cameron Browne and Faisal Baeshean - two young fellas who know the score. They're smart, kind and humble. You can feel it when you work with them.

Darien isn't just a two man band. They have a team behind them, their customer service is great - shout out to Kara. They have a discord anyone can join. I think I paid team Darien $1500 to do my crypto taxes. The value I got was plentiful.

If you think the IRS isn't serious about crypto taxes think again. Shake your head, your brain is stuck. Or just read these two links:

Fed Instructs Banks To Report Crypto Activity - The Defiant
U.S. Central Bank Says Large Scale Adoption Of Stablecoins Could Pose A Severe Risk To Financial Stability

Get a hold of Darien Advisors wihout delay, have them walk you through it all. You can book a free appointment on their website. You'll be happy you did.

Don't push the fool button with your crypto taxes.

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