Fuck You Too Damien


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Apr 1, 2023

Posted on Mar 31, 2023

Dear Heni,

Would you kindly see that Mr. Hirst sees this post? While you're at it, please tell him I said fuck you too.

loyal customer and collector

Hey Damien,
Fuck you too.

Fuck you too for 5 straight releases at the same price as someone off the street. For once again not doing anything appreciable for those who've collected your releases, spent literally thousands of man hours in your discord doing free customer service and support. We've generated free marketing, advertising, and market research that you can't buy. And you can't even give us a fucking discount. Fuck you too.

Fuck you too from those of us who've been there since day 1 of the Currency, who've stuck with you through thick and thin.

Fuck you too for not doing anything other than offering us loyal Dots something to buy at the same fucking price as someone who hasn't; spent one second in your fucking discord, promoted you on social, or invested their time teaching your customers about crypto.

Fuck you too for having the balls to keep calling us your community. A community, by definition, receives benefits not available to those outside the community for participating in shared interests. This ain’t that. We’re customers or leads doing free fucking customer service and support, generating free fucking content, for your free fucking sales channel.

tty next time,

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