What Matters - Northern Lights in Eagle, CO


Eagle, CO

Last updated on May 11, 2024

Posted on May 11, 2024

Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time ever.

I started taking pictures at about 10:00. Then as the skies cleared I went to the back of our subdivision, stayed there for over an hour. It was breath taking.

When I was out there I called my friend Cuyler, who was outside in Edwards taking pictures. We talked about that what matters in life is who we are, what we're about. Family and friends.

I love Cuyler. He was once disqualified for a technicality, part of what we have in common. Most give up, not him – it's the opposite. Something else we have in common. Cuyler's getting some new speakers soon. And a new bike. He saves concert ticket stubs. Sends me cool songs to listen to on Tidal, which he turned me onto. He thinks about the moon, others, the world around him, and what he can do to make everything spin smoother.

I wondered where everyone else was? Were they outside experiencing this? I hoped so. Or had they gone to bed after watching the tube or being in the relationship with their phone? I hoped not.

This morning I was talking to my friend John Romualdi about it. How beautiful it'd be if more focused on the beauty of nature, music, art, and people. How cool it'd be if when we got on the tube we put away our phones and struck up a conversation with a stranger.

Keep the hopes and dreams bright, man.

tty next time,

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